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Terms of use and privacy policies of the Aero Club Lucca

1. Acceptance of Terms of Use and Amendments.

Every time you access or use this website you implicitly accept these Terms of Use and any modifications to them [ that may or may not be notified by the staff or management of the site ] . In addition , if you are using a particular service on or through this site , you are subject to the rules and guidelines applicable to those services which form part of these Terms of Use . Please see our Privacy Policy , which forms part of these Terms of Use .

2. Our services.
Our web site and services provided by it or through it are provided " as is" and , therefore, the managers and owners of this website assumes no responsibility for the timeliness, deletion , accuracy or non -delivery or storage of any given , whether temporarily or permanently . By visiting this site agrees that its owners reserve the right and may , at any time , without notice and without any liability to you , modify or delete access to this site or its services or delete the data you provide , temporarily or permanently .

3. Your responsibilities and your registration requirements.
To use certain parts of this site, you must register by agreeing to provide truthful information when requested. If your age is less than that required by the registration process, you must have the consent of including at least one of your parents or guardians. By registering, you explicitly agree to our Terms of Use and their periodic changes that you can see on this page.

4. Privacy Policy.
The data provided by registration or subsequently, and other personal data are subject to the terms of our Privacy Policy.

5. Registration and Password.
You are responsible for your password and for all uses and services provided through your registration and / or access (Log-in) on this site, whether authorized or unauthorized by you. You agree to immediately notify us of any unauthorized use or your registration, user account or password of which you become aware.

6. Your behavior.
You agree that all information or data of any kind [in the form of text, software, code, music or sound, photographs, video or other materials, from now on defined: "contained"] publicly or privately provided, are of sole responsibility of the person who provides, or whose account is used to supply. You agree that our site can - despite the rules adopted by it - expose content that might be considered offensive, indecent or at least objectionable. In any case, the managers and owners of this site can be held responsible for the contents included therein or for errors and omissions.

Also with the use of this site and any service provided, you explicitly agree to the following:

(A) Not to provide content or adopt behaviors illegal, vulgar, obscene or otherwise objectionable, which bear threat, damage, defamatory or offend others, or does interfere or interrupt this web site or any service provided, infected with a virus or other destructive programs and deleterious, that would violate any applicable law, national or international;
(B) Not to misrepresent your identity or your association with any person or entity or falsify or attempt to disguise the origin of any content provided by you;
(C) Not to collect data about other users;
(D) Not to use this site and / or its content or services in any department or in any way that might spread unsolicited advertising ["junk mail" or "spam"], chain letters, pyramid schemes, or any other form of solicitation or unauthorized advertising without our prior written consent;
(E) To provide any Content that may give rise to civil or criminal liability or which may constitute or be considered a violation of any local, national or international law, including [but not limited to laws relating to copyright, patent, or trade secrets] .

7. Sending content to the site.
Providing content [of any kind] to this site:

(A) agree to provide international law, free, perpetual, without exclusions to use, display, reproduce, adapt, publish, distribute, perform, promote, archive, translate such content, in whole or in part. This license will apply with respect to any form, media or technology known or later developed;
(B) Recognize that you have all legal, moral, and other rights necessary to grant the license set forth in this document;
(C) acknowledge and agree that we have the right but not the obligation, in our sole discretion, to refuse to publish or to remove or block access to any Content you provide at any time and for any reason, with or without notice .

8. Services by third parties.
Goods and services provided by third parties may be advertised or made available on or through this site. Representations of products and services provided by third parties are governed by policies which they provided. We are not responsible in any way for any interaction, agreement or contract you entered into with third parties.

9. Indemnification from claims for compensation.
You acknowledge and agree that the managers and owners of this website and its affiliated entities [such organizations subsidize and affiliates, our employees, managers, owners, suppliers or independent Our members] are relieved from any obligation to pay compensation, including expenses Legal, which may be required because of your conduct on this site and every service, because of content you provide, because of the violation of these Terms of Use or because of any other violation of the rights of another member or third you committed in the use of this website and its services.

10. No Warranties.
You acknowledge and agree that the use of this site and all services and content it provides is for you available and to you supplied your own risk. It is provided "as is" without any express or implied warranties, including warranties of merchantability, fitness for use and legality of any services provided.

Also does not provide any warranty, express or implied, that any part of this service will be uninterrupted, correct, VIRUS-FREE, TIMELY, SECURE, ACCURATE, reliable, good quality or that any content provided can be downloaded via internet Safety. You acknowledge and agree that neither we nor any PARTICIPANT IN THE SERVICE PROVIDES PROFESSIONAL ADVICE us whatsoever and that the use of these tips or any other information that occurs at your own risk and without our liability of any kind.

Some jurisdictions may not allow limitations of liability or warranties, so the above limitation may not apply to you insofar as they relate to implied warranties .

11. Limitations of Liability.
You acknowledge and agree that we will not be in no event be liable for any damages of any kind or nature, direct or indirect, also related to loss of profits, data or other intangible losses [also prior warning of the possibility of such losses] arising from :

(A) The use or inability to use our services;
(B) The cost to obtain substitute goods and services resulting from transactions made through our site or the services provided by it;
(C) The unauthorized access or modification of your data transmission,
(D) statements or conduct of third parties on our site;
(E) Any other matter relating to our site or the services provided by it.

Some jurisdictions do not allow limitations of liability and therefore such limitations may not apply to you.

12. Reservation of Rights.
We reserve all rights, including copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, and any other that we have on our site, its content, and goods and services provided by it. The use of our rights and property requires our prior written consent. We make no express or implied license or right to make these services available and you have no right to make commercial use without our prior written consent.

13. Notification of copyright infringement.
If you believe that goods of your property have been used in violation of copyright, or your intellectual property tries to contact the Webmaster or direction / editors of the site.

14. Governing Law and Jurisdiction.
You agree that these Terms of Use and any dispute that may arise regarding your use of this site and its services or products is governed by the laws of the Italian Republic. By registering and / or using this web site and service you consent to any dispute arising out of or related to these conditions of use shall be the Court of Lucca.

15. Other Information.
(A) In the event that certain provisions of these Terms of Use conflict with the law under which every provision is held invalid by a court of law, such provision will be interpreted to reflect the original intent of the parties in accordance with the applicable law, the remainder of the Terms of Use will remain valid and intact;
(B) the inability of a party to assert any right under these Terms of Use do not limit the remaining rights of such party;
(C) You agree that, notwithstanding any statutory provisions provide otherwise, any dispute or conflict concerning your use of our site and its services must be filed within one year (1 year) from the occurrence of the causes that caused such a dispute or conflict or be forever barred;
(D) we reserve the right to transfer the rights and obligations arising from these Terms of Use and be relieved of any obligation. [Ver. 1.0.0]