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The Aero Club Lucca is a sports non-profit , sees his birth in 1948 by the will of a group of fans for the flight ( see " some history " ) , the purpose of the Aero Club is to promote the flight in all its forms , for this to our inside, beyond the section " powered flight " which is the main , this is also the section Aeromodelism.

The Aero Club Lucca is federated to the Aero Club of Italy , public corporation with headquarters in Rome . It is subject to the supervision of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport , and combines body federative national associations and organizations with an interest in the Italian Air Force in developing its educational aspects , tourism promotion , cultural, social and civic activities and related activities.

The Aero Club of Italy , since they exercise sport , is a federation of the Italian Olympic Committee (C.O.N.I.)

The Aero Club of Italy is the only national body that represents Italy at the Federation Aeronautique Internationale ( FAI ) and , accordingly , is the only representative of the Federation in the State .

Buisiness Sectors

Main purpose: the promotion and dissemination of culture sport aviation
Other purposes : Cure flight training of members for the achievement and maintenance of licenses Piloting and promoting sports model aircraft.
Allow the availability to shareholders , at the end of recreational aircraft in fleet activity based and off base.
Provide for the technical management of aircraft to maintain airworthiness requirements laid down by rules, regulations , and documents in force .
Assigned to companies as fit by ENAC (Italian Civil Aviation Autority) , the execution of maintenance operations .







COUNCIL IN CHARGE (2015 - 2020)


Pil. Alfredo Vannini

Vice president:
Pil. Paolo Brotini

Pil. Giuliano Barsali
Pil. Giuseppe Lippolis
Pil. Massimo Mancini
PilMassimo Livori 

PilHans Braun
PilLorenzo Rossi
Pil. Massimiliano Paviera


flight Instructors  :
Com.te Matteo Galli (Capo Istruttori)
Com.te Aldo Lo Tenero (Istruttore di Teoria)
Com.te Leonardo Di Puccio (Istruttore di Teoria e di Volo)

Vanessa Caizzi  (administrative secretary)

Maintenence Manager:
Silvio Palumbo (Holder  LMA issued by Enac)

Coordinator Pilot:
Pil. Lorenzo Alati

Simone Ferrari e Matteo Galli