N.1 Piper PA-28 RT

PA-28RT-201 Arrow IV  



The Piper Arrow is a single-engine piston of conventional low-wing construction, with the ability to bring a pilot and three passengers on international travels, with reasonable comfort, designed and produced in large-scale in the United States since the 1960s since then. Aircraft (now New Piper Aircraft), which used as a base the modest project of single-engine piston aircraft Piper Cherokee, of the same manufacturer.

Without great pretensions, to make the aircraft sophisticated, Piper developed the Cherokee model to meet the needs of consumers and users with less purchasing power, then Piper Aircraft continued in 1960, the development of the most modest project called PA-28, with the launch of its improved version Piper Arrow, with retractable landing gear.

Until the end of the 1980s, the Piper Arrow fulfilled Piper Aircraft's claims and currently still meets almost the same statements as New Piper to compete in the global aviation general aviation market, for training and air taxi with a relatively small aircraft expensive finish very economical, simple, easy to pilot, designed to travel in peace with the responsible use of on-board instruments, carefully planned by the pilot.

Currently, you can equip Piper Arrow with stormscopes, GPS and TCAS, PFD and MFD Aspen or Garmin 500, among others. In the latest version of Arrow, GPS is available from the factory, integrated with Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS), but stormscopes and TCAS can be purchased and installed in workshops. Stormscope, GPS and TCAS are essential tools to travel in safety and tranquility, without unpleasant surprises along the way ...

Piper Arrow is part of the PA-28 family, launched by Piper Aircraft in the '60s with the Piper Cherokee version and later in the' 70s with Piper Warrior, Piper Archer and Piper Dakota. In total, including versions licensed for production by other manufacturers in other countries, including Brazil, more than 32,000 units sold to date, a huge sales success, an impressive phenomenon, is one of the best known projects of world in general aviation.






Caretteristiche Tecniche: 

  • Potenza: 200 HP
  • Elica: Passo Variabile
  • Carrello: Rettrattile
  • Peso max decollo: 1.247 Kg.
  • Velocità di crociera: 121 Kts
  • Velocità massima: 149 Kts
  • Autonomia: 5h 30’
  • Posti a bordo: 1+3
  • Strumentazione: VFR+IFR