Become a Pilot

Flight School Lt. Col. Pil. Mario Naldini 

The Aero Club Lucca is an association of enthusiasts on the fly. Established in 1948, our school certified JAR-FCL by ENAC, has trained many young people who then embarked on a career military or civil, but our school has also formed many fans of flight. In the "market" of flight schools we manage to have lower costs because we are a non-profit and not a company, but we are structured as a company of the highest quality, from our certified technical workshop to perform all ordinary and extraordinary maintenance on our aircraft, our school with the presence of very experienced instructors from the Air Military and national airlines. Come visit without commitment you will visit throughout our facility, school, hangars, workshop technique and you can visit and go up on board all of our aircraft, and if you want you can try your first flight experience.


O.R. N. I/RF/069

It is used to control aircraft in the national territory for the purpose of tourism : if the pilot is in possession of the authorization to the radio in English, you can fly abroad. 

Privat Pilot Licence - PPL(A)
Training students for the achievement of the private pilot license
All those interested in flight on a personal level and not professional
who achieve physical fitness least 2nd class
Minimum Age:
16 Years old to start the course
17 years old for the exam
Physical requirements:
medical examination of 1st or 2nd class

Theoretical Course  :
150 hours in the classroom

Practical Course:

45 flight hours: (25 DC / 10 SP / 10 at the discrection of the istructor 
Duration Course:
6/12 months
Teoretical Exam:
Ministerial committee as site ENAC
Pactical Exam:
When at the airport Capannori - Tassignano

There is a reduction on the hours of training to those who are in possession of other evidence Aeronautical Es . Liccenza PPL ( H ) , licensed glider pilot , the discount is 10% of the hours totaled with their license for a maximum of 10 hours.

Theoretical Course

The theoretical course includes 150 hours of lectures on subjects such as Aeronautical:

Air Law
Aircraft general knowledge
Flight performance and planning
Human performance and its limitations
Air  Navigation
Operating Procedures
Principles of Flight


The course is carried out by qualified teachers who have acquired experience in general aviation and commercial.
The lectures include briefings , films and discussions about , aeronautical visits in our facilities.
Teaching equipment allow the making of classroom including through the video projector and whiteboard. 

Practical Course

In order to start flying lessons you need to support , at our office , a medical examination of mental and physical fitness of the second class to be supported by a medical practitioner by ENAC .

JAR legislation provides a minimum of 45 flight hours , of which:
at least 25 hours of flight with an instructor
at least 10 hours of solo flight
10 hours of flight at the discretion of O.R.


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