Welcome on Board

Welcome aboard the site of the Aero Club of Lucca !

Make yourself comfortable, What BE looking for a flight school, or a pilot What Would you fly on the beautiful hills of Lucca, Our Club And certainly the place to start Best.

For those who wish to pursue a career pilot , consulting Our site , potra obtain all information necessary to pursue this wonderful career.

For the less young, who have always had the "secret dream" to achieve the Private Pilot License (PPL), the Aero Club Lucca and certainly the most Important Reference of Tuscany! If you are already Pilots, we have a wide range of types of aircraft for all needs, from "Small" Cessna A-150 to Modern Cirrus SR-20 Glass Cockpit certified for instrument flying day and night (IFR/VFR). 

Hopefully the Experience with us both enjoyable and May you find all the information you need.

Why pay money to just rent an aircraft when you can become part owner and enjoy all the benefits of ownership without the considerable extra cost?
You fly more economically, especially on cross-country trips. No daily rates to pay while you are at your destination, only flying time.
To pile on even more goodness you pay for TACH TIME, not HOBBS. There is no better way to fly in, around, and out of the Lucca area - the LUCCA FLYING CLUB.